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শনিবার, ১৮ এপ্রিল, ২০২০

Different Maps For Different Zones

There are a green map and a yellow map of London. In fact the city doesn't actually have a map at all. The green one is for those who live in Zone 6, which allows for the use of a transport card.
Zonal bus and rail passes are free but not for those who don't want to drive. You also can't get a taxi service from the yellow bus and rail station. If you need to travel out of the zone then you will need to get yourself a taxi or hire a car from the blue station.

Зелена карта що це таке і навіщо вона потрібна – MMR — Motor Media ...
Most people are unaware that the zone maps are not printed on high quality paper, so if you buy a kit you will find that they do not last long. Some people get a green card from the yellow cards shop, but this is not always the case. The yellow cards shop is only one of three zones that can be used at the same time. зелёная карта
You also have the option of getting a new set of zone card holders for your existing cards. You can use these to show you are out of a zone. You will then be able to get a taxi to the nearest zone.
So how can you tell whether you are in a zone? If there is more than one subway station between you and your destination, then it is not out of a zone. If there is only one subway station between you and your destination then it is unlikely that you are in a zone and therefore you should probably take the bus or use the train instead.
If you are in a zone and you still think you should be using the yellow card holder, then you should use your map and check that there is only one bus going from where you are. If you are in a zone but see a bus on your map and the yellow card holder, then the card holder might be out of date and you should definitely look into buying a new one.
In most cases you should use your yellow card holders when you are in zones that are spread out over the whole of London. You may also find that you are not in a zone because there is no nearby zone to enter. If you find that you are in a zone that is completely out of reach, then it could be that you need to get a new card and that's when you are in a totally different zone.
This is why it is important to ensure that you are completely aware of the different maps and different rules. They don't all take the same amount of time to print, and that can affect the outcome of your zone. Make sure that you go to the correct location to use your London transport card, or find out what zone you are in.

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